e-motion – the push rim activated add-on that takes the strain off

The e-motion combines active mobility with therapeutic benefit. Even wheelchair drivers with limited arm and body strength can gain back their mobility with e-motion. The electric motors that are integrated in the wheel hubs effectively support the wheelchair user which has to put in much less effort to travel greater distances or slopes.

Two different driving modes with e-motion DuoDrive – Make your choice

With the version e-motion “DuoDrive”, you can cover longer distances in cruise mode without using the pushrim. Just set the cruise speed via the wireless control unit* and the drive wheels will do the rest. All you have to do now is to keep the track and lean back. This solution provides you two different drive modes that you can switch between spontaneously at any time, depending on your needs. By the way, the DuoDrive also works on inclines of up to 10% and reliably maintains the set speed when going downhill.